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~ A 4 week FASCIA RELEASING YOGA COURSE With Camilla Strandmark @rvkritual starting on the 18th of Mars.

Once a week for 4 weeks all MONDAY evenings 19:30-21:00 at RVK RITUAL in ENGLISH

In the Acupressure Yoga course, we focus on releasing tensions within our bodies by targeting specific acupressure points. Utilizing acupressure balls, we apply pressure to specific points during the class. Additionally, participants have the option to experience a classic ear-acupuncture (NADA) session during one class, and also acupuncture stimulation on some points after class, to bring home, using an acupuncture plaster that lasts 3-5 days, enhancing the parasympathetic effect post-class.

Both acupuncture and acupressure contribute to achieving body homeostasis. Whether you’re stressed and seeking relaxation or looking to replenish energy and release mental and physical blockages, these techniques prove effective.

With acupressure yoga we activate the body in various ways:

  • Locally: By pressing/puncturing specific points with hands and acupressure balls, we increase blood flow and adenosine in the tissue, stimulating detoxification.
  • Segmental & Extra-segmental: Our influence on spinal segments triggers the inner pain reliever and anti-inflammatory systems.
  • Central Effects: Activation of the vagus nerve and release of anti-stress hormones. This process deactivates the amygdala, helping alleviate anxiety and worries, positively affecting sleep, hormone levels, and cognition, supporting overall body homeostasis and well-seeing.

Each yoga class starts with a gentle flow to awaken the body and breath, progressing into still acupressure positions, incorporating Yin Yoga, and ends with a long Savasana Nidra.

Our focus is to work with the connective tissue, the fascia. The massage balls aid in softening the body and provide a pleasant sensation of a body massage. All necessary equipment for the class, including acupressure balls, mats, blocks, bolsters, and blankets, is provided at the studio.

DATES: 18/3 25/3 1/4 8/4

INCLUDED: Access to THE RITUAL CLUB online membership for one month.

PRICE: 14.900 kr


Slow retreat ~ an afternoon with Yoga & Meditation at Reykjavikyoga 28:th April 13:30-16:00

~ Welcome to a mindful urban afternoon retreat in Downtown Reykjavik at Reykjavik Yoga. 

Join us for a mindful journey during 2,5 hours, as we immerse ourselves in the profound practices of healing restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and meditation.

A time to recharge, reflect and reconnect with yourself


 Sunday 28:th April 13:30-16:00


Experience a healing, nourishing class for 2,5 hours. Embrace the essence of softness, slowness, and mindful presence through yoga, pranayama, meditation, and rest. Allow the aromatic embrace of essential oils to deepen your practice, while a soothing face massage enhances your journey within.

We conclude our session with a light snack of raw energy balls before we say goodbye.


  Reykjavik Yoga, Frakkastugur 16


Open to all seekers yearning to slow down, granting themselves the gift of rest and self-care. Join us for a nourishing day dedicated to rejuvenation, restoration, reconnection, and replenishment. No prior experience required—just an open heart, together we will embrace the beauty of slowing down amidst the bustling rhythm of city life.


Camilla Strandmark, Mindfulness and Yoga teacher, nurse.


  6900 ISK (included 2,5 hours practice and raw ball snacks).


(limited spaces)

Camilla Strandmark

Camilla is a yoga and mindfulness teacher from Sweden that recently moved to Iceland. Her background is in medicine, as a nurse, she now brings the healing parts from medicine into yoga and mindfulness. She is RYT certified 500 from YFL, with speciality in restorative, yin, vinyasa, nidra, prenatal, medical yoga and yoga for cancer. Certified Mindfulness teacher (MBSR Mindfulness based Stress Reduction), medical acupuncturist, coach and owner of yogamindonline.se

She integrates yoga in daily life, and uses yoga as a powerful tool for health. She has, herself, experienced the medical healing parts of yoga and mindfulness when she went through breast cancer.

Camilla’s experience is that ones yoga practice evolves as one goes through life and she strifes to meet her clients where they are. The awareness and mindful connection with your inner self is the focus of every class.

“Yoga and Mindfulness help us become more present and aware, make us a little friendlier. Meeting myself on the mat strengthens me, teaches me to listen, accept, be curious, let go, move on and make changes big and small – it affects how I relate to life and the world around me”.


Vala Thorsteinsson

Vala is a clinical psychologist specializing in trauma and grief. Her masters degree in the University of Amsterdam and training was with adults but her passion is working with children, teenagers and their parents which she has done in a primary health care facility and, since 2018, at Litla Kvíðameðferðarstöðin.

She has also been a member of the Red Cross – Iceland trauma team.

Vala uses Trauma focused–cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR in her work. She is on the board of EMDR-Iceland and is the Icelandic representative for EMDR-children&adolescents in EMDR Europe.

As a way of having a more balanced life she loves doing yoga in her living room, bathing in the icecold sea and practising breathwork. She has also attended various workshops in compassion-focused therapy and mindfulness with teachers such as Paul Gilbert, Deborah Lee and Margrét Arnljótsdóttir.