~  Day retreats in beautiful Hvammsvík or downtown Reykjavik at magical Reykjavik yoga

Coming retreats:

A time to recharge, reflect and re-connect with yourself

Luxury restorative yoga with focus on recovery and replenish your energy before Christmas; 20:th December 19:00-21:00

~ Indulge in this luxury yoga experience, designed for ultimate recovery. A haven of tranquility, with restorative yoga, yoga Nidra, pranayama and face-massage, offering both physical and mental restoration.

Let go of pre-holiday stressors and immerse yourself in the gift of self-care so you are ready for a peaceful Christmas✨

~ Our luxury restorative yoga session, will leave you feeling rejuvenated and centered, inviting you to release tension and embrace the present moment. Props, gentle adjustments and face-massage further nurtures your body and spirit, leaving you in a state of blissful repose.

Following the class we will embrace the spirit of the season with a Christmas-themed tea ceremony with snacks after our session.

A time to recharge, reflect and re-connect with yourself


 Wednesday 20:th of December 19-21


We will enjoy a luxury yoga class with focus on restorative yoga, Nidra, breath work and relaxation for 2 hours. We are ending the class with a special Christmas-themed tea ceremony after our session.


  Reykjavik Yoga, Frakkastugur 16


  Anyone who wants to slow down and give yourself the most beautiful gift in the shape of self care, just before Christmas, so you can enjoy the magic season fully! 

 You don’t need any previous experience.


Camilla Strandmark, Yoga & Mindfulness teacher, specialist-nurse.


  6500 ISK (included 2 hours practice and tea ceremony with snacks).

BOOK YOU SPOT:  (limited spaces) 


~  Silent day retreat with yoga, mindfulness, compassion, hot springs and food

The perfect Christmas gift to yourself: a Silent day retreat with Compassion, meditation, hot springs and food

A mindfulness silent day retreat is the ideal opportunity to spend time with yourself, away from your ‘to do’ list and your mobile phone. A time to recharge, reflect and re-connect with yourself.

Camilla and Vala will mindfully guide you through the day with focus on restoration and yoga nidra, meditations, walking meditation and eating meditation. There will be a safe space for you to connect with your innermost being and give the body an opportunity to recover, rest, and refill.

No prior knowledge is required. We will enter the silence during a meditation and exit it together during a meditation. There is a lot of exciting research that shows the many health benefits of going into silence once in a while: The parts of the brain (hippocampus) that have to do with memory, learning, focus and well-being are stimulated.

Sunday 17:th of December

~ 11-12:30 entering silence, morning class with focus on body awareness and slow movements.

~ 12:30-13:00 mindful walk.

~  13:00-14:00 mindful lunch.

~ 14:00-15:30 afternoon class with focus on Compassion, meditation, breathing exercise and stillness.

~ 15:30 breaking silence, snack/te or coffe.

~ 16:00 access to Hvammsvík Hot Springs


Hvammsvík Nature Resort & Hot Springs are located in the middle of the Hvalfjörður “Whale fjord”, on route 47, only a 45 minutes drive from Reykjavík city center.


  Anyone who is curious about the silence and self care. We will enjoy a nourishing day, with time to rest, restore, reconnect and refill You don’t need any previous experience of silence, meditation or yoga.


~ Camilla Strandmark, Mindfulness and Yogateacher, nurse.

~ Vala Thorsteinsson, Psychologist with speciality in trauma.


  27900 ISK

Price includes 5 hours mindfull guiding in yoga and meditation, lunch (soup; vegetarian or seafood option with bread and butter/hummus) afternoon snack and entry into the Hot Springs. (Please note that transport, drinks and additional food is not included in the price).




There will be yogamats on spot. But if you have your own one, please bring it. Also bring a blanket and a bolster (or pillow). Its nice to be dressed in different layers so it’s  easy to put on and take off during the day.

During the day it’s always possible to go aside and talk with one of the teachers if something comes up.

Please write in your signup (under comments) if you want seafood or vegetarian soup and if you have any allergies.

You don’t need to be quiet when arriving to the retreat, we will enter silence together in a guided meditation. 


Camilla, Vala & Hvammsvík crew.

Camilla Strandmark

Camilla is a yoga and mindfulness teacher from Sweden that recently moved to Iceland. Her background is in medicine, as a nurse, she now brings the healing parts from medicine into yoga and mindfulness. She is RYT certified 500 from YFL, with speciality in restorative, yin, vinyasa, nidra, prenatal, medical yoga and yoga for cancer. Certified Mindfulness teacher (MBSR Mindfulness based Stress Reduction), medical acupuncturist, coach and owner of yogamindonline.se

She integrates yoga in daily life, and uses yoga as a powerful tool for health. She has, herself, experienced the medical healing parts of yoga and mindfulness when she went through breast cancer.

Camilla’s experience is that ones yoga practice evolves as one goes through life and she strifes to meet her clients where they are. The awareness and mindful connection with your inner self is the focus of every class.

“Yoga and Mindfulness help us become more present and aware, make us a little friendlier. Meeting myself on the mat strengthens me, teaches me to listen, accept, be curious, let go, move on and make changes big and small – it affects how I relate to life and the world around me”.


Vala Thorsteinsson

Vala is a clinical psychologist specializing in trauma and grief. Her masters degree in the University of Amsterdam and training was with adults but her passion is working with children, teenagers and their parents which she has done in a primary health care facility and, since 2018, at Litla Kvíðameðferðarstöðin.

She has also been a member of the Red Cross – Iceland trauma team.

Vala uses Trauma focused–cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR in her work. She is on the board of EMDR-Iceland and is the Icelandic representative for EMDR-children&adolescents in EMDR Europe.

As a way of having a more balanced life she loves doing yoga in her living room, bathing in the icecold sea and practising breathwork. She has also attended various workshops in compassion-focused therapy and mindfulness with teachers such as Paul Gilbert, Deborah Lee and Margrét Arnljótsdóttir.