This course is aimed at those who want to get tools for increased well-being, to feel better and manage life’s ups and downs more consciously and systematically. It is also aimed at you who want to develop your inner resources to live more your values. But also for you who want competence development in your professional role where you meet people in your daily work.

Summarized content from the MBSR course

MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) is an established program with nine hits spread over 8 weeks. The program includes systematic training with meditations, body scans and simple yoga. Every week we are seen online via zoom video meetings, new home exercises are handed out weekly.

You get access to material weekly linked to the week’s theme, you also get access to recorded audio files which you can then use even after the course.

Contains about 25 hours of teacher-led training. If you want, it is also possible to book individual conversations (mindfulness coaching) in connection with the course.

The course starts dates until the next course is coming soon!

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Course content:

17 videos with guides, theory and exercises.

3 audio files that you can listen to directly in your mobile.

7 theoretical specialization blocks

1 PDF file with practical tips for mindfulness in everyday life.

Invitation to a closed community where we then practice mindfulness further together after the course.

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Din MBSR-coach

Camilla Strandmark, is a certified specialist nurse, Conversation coach, yoga teacher, mindfulness teacher and medical acupuncturist.

Camilla has many years of experience from healthcare with over 20 years as a nurse. She is a cancer survivor who is now passionate about helping others who are going through stress & crises in life.

Camilla has been practicing meditation, yoga and mindfulness training for many years.

She continuously undergoes further training in order to maintain and constantly raise her level of competence.


Special offer on Mindfulness MBSR Online!

You can now be anywhere! Mindfulness is a way of life, as a school to learn a new approach to life challenges and to increase the quality of life.

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Is this a course for you?

The program is aimed at you who want to change something in your life. Or to you who experience physical or mental stress as part of your life, it can be work life or family life. One purpose of the program is to take responsibility for the life we ​​live, to empower individuals to optimize their health in our high-tech society. It can make us deal with challenges in life such as medical and psychological problems as well as life stress in a more favorable way.

This course is credited as step 1 in the MBSR teacher education and gives you permission to apply for the MBSR practicum, step 2 in the professional teacher education, MBSR via the Center for mindfulness Sweden and the USA.

MBSR for companies

There is research that suggests that mindfulness can be useful in the workplace. Benefits that have been seen in employees who have undergone the program include a lower risk of burnout, stress symptoms and depression. The ability to handle stressful situations is improved, performance can be increased and sick leave reduced. The courses are primarily held online or in our premises in Eskilstuna or at your workplace.

Practical information – You choose whether to go Online or Live

Extent: 8 group sessions live or online, once a week about 2.5 hours, plus a full day in silence, (Total about 25 hours of teacher-led teaching).

Content: Each lesson consists of mixed exercises such as soft hatha yoga, body scanning and meditations (sitting, lying, standing and walking). The exercises are uncomplicated and can be performed by anyone, mobility difficulties and other physical limitations do not constitute an obstacle. The program also consists of home exercises and group reflections that deal with different focus areas.

When: New dates coming soon

Date: course meetings, as well as a quiet all-day retreat 

Where: online via Zoom, you can be anywhere.

Number of participants: 6-16 personer.

Discounts: You who have taken the MBSR course before receive a 50% discount. Students, those on long-term sick leave, pensioners, the unemployed and FaR receive a 10% discounted price.

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