Mindfulness – Minikurs 3 tillfällen Online livestream via Zoom🌟 4/3🌟 11/3 🌟18/3

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Mindfulness - mini course 3 opportunities - online

This is a course for you who are interested in mindfulness, want to try different meditation techniques and learn how mindfulness can enrich your life in many ways. See you online on 3 occasions (livestream) you can be where you want, as long as you have access to a computer / phone / tablet.

We will try out the different meditation techniques we use in the Mindfulness program MBSR. We alternate theory with practice and reflections.

3 Thursdays in a row 18: 00-19: 30:
⭐️ 4/3 - Introduction what is mindfulness? The autopilot and direct contact with our senses. Body scan.
⭐️ 11/3 - We examine well-being / discomfort, and our stress reactivity. Yoga.
⭐️ 18/3 - We explore stress response / coping and how we can integrate mindfulness into our everyday lives. Meditation.

You get access to material weekly linked to the week's theme, you also get access to recorded audio files which you can then use even after the course.

Investment: SEK 499 (you who take the mini-course receive a 10% discount on the MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) course starting 21/4 & 22 / 4-2021)

For whom: You who are interested in immersing yourself in Mindfulness and various meditation techniques. For those of you who are considering attending the MBSR education, these opportunities are a good introduction.