Mindfulness Meditation MBSR

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MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) is an established program with nine hits spread over 8 weeks. The program includes systematic training with meditations, body scans and simple yoga. Every week we are seen online via zoom video meetings, new home exercises are handed out weekly.

This course is credited as step 1 in the MBSR teacher education and gives you permission to apply for the MBSR practicum, step 2 in the professional teacher education, MBSR via the Center for mindfulness Sweden and the USA.

Every week we deal with different themes so you can map your own stress situation and together we find tools for stress management. The exercises are based on experience-based learning that is carefully tested to follow and support the individual's inner process. The exercises are based on stress medical research, where empowerment, ie the participant's own ability is supported. The basis of all exercises is to direct one's attention with intention, in the present without values. Mindfulness is really a way of life and not a method, so the program can be seen as a school to learn a new approach to life's challenges.

Content of the course

* Mindfulness training, stress management, mapping of stressors

* Exercises: body scan, calm yoga, meditations

* Theme theory every week

* Tystretreat all day

* Home exercises (daily home training 45-60 min)

You get access to material weekly linked to the week's theme, you also get access to recorded audio files which you can then use even after the course.

Contains about 25 hours of teacher-led training. If you want, it is also possible to book individual conversations (mindfulness coaching) in connection with the course.