MediYoga – A therapeutic and healing form of Yoga


MediYoga is a therapeutic, quality-assured form of yoga, a holistic training with a focus on physical, mental and emotional well-being. MediYoga connects the old yogic tools with modern science.

Research has shown that MediYoga has a good effect on, among other things, stress, back, heart and sleep problems, high blood pressure, worry and anxiety. Through gentle simple movements, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, mantras and meditation, MediYoga activates the body’s self-healing system.

The conscious breathing runs like a thread through all yoga sessions, the exercises are adapted to your ability at the moment.

Mediyoga is a therapeutic form of yoga where we perform movements, breathing exercises, meditations and relaxation together with eye position (drishti), sound (mantra), hand positions (mudra) and root lock.

Mediyoga always has a clear structure but with different focus for different classes, these main ingredients are included in each class with different dosage:

  •  Intoning
  • MediAndning
  • Fyisiska positioner & rörelser
  • Djupavslappning
  • Meditation
  • Uttoning

Whether you are healthy or sick, you can greatly benefit and enjoy this form of yoga, which helps you create increased health, harmony and balance in your everyday life.

MediYoga suits you who want to have more space to land in yourself and get more contact with yourself. The exercises are slow and empathetic, with no demands or performance. Can be performed on the floor or sitting on a chair.

Want to know more about mediyoga? Or maybe hang on to our 6 week course which starts on 16/9? See you Thursdays 19: 30-20: 30 6 weeks in a row starting on 16/9. The first week we have a longer class with an introduction to media yoga.

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