Camilla Strandmark

Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness coach, Specialist Nurse & Medical Acupuncturist

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Vad är gravidyoga?
Pregnancy yoga is specially adapted yoga for you who are pregnant. It is adapted to the pregnant body and the changes that take place in the body during a pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga prepares the body as optimally as possible for the upcoming birth and parenting life.
How long do I have access to the online courses?
Yoga for Cancer – 12 months
Pregnancy yoga – 6 months
Mindfulness for beginners – 6 months
Mindfulness specialization course – 6 months
Mediyoga – 6 months
Do I need any experience in mindfulness, meditation or yoga to take the online courses?

No, they suit everyone, regardless of level. The course Mindfulness for beginners is for you who are a beginner and the course specialization is for you who have previous meditation habits and now want support / deepen your practice.

Is it possible to book an appointment and meet Camilla directly?
Yes, it is possible to book Mindfulness Coaching, individual conversations, where we can be seen live in Eskilstuna or live. It is also possible to book Personal Yoga (PT-Yoga) where we can be seen live at the yoga studio or online. Read more:
When we meet online, what do I do then?
Then see you via Zoom, well in advance of our meeting and I will send you a link that you can easily follow. The same email will also contain a code that you need to enter to open the meeting. You first end up in a virtual waiting room that you just wait in and let yourself land for a while before the meeting begins. You do not need to download any software for Zoom to work. You can use both computer, tablet and mobile. Many people find it easier to operate the program on a computer than on a small mobile screen.
What is Mindfulness Coaching?
Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools we can use to strive for increased peace, quiet and balance in life. When we practice mindfulness, we cultivate important qualities; we practice focused attention, relaxation, letting go, being curious, accepting and finding joy. We make time for, and prioritize ourselves. In mindfulness coaching, we start from your needs, explore your stressors in life and together find a direction forward. We take the help of various mindfulness tools that we weave into our conversation coaching. Mindfulness Coaching often consists of 3-6 meetings, so you have 3 different options to choose from when you book: 1 call, 3 calls or 6 calls. The Packages with 3 & 6 Conversations also include audio files, action plan and other mindfulness exercises. Read more:
What is PT Yoga?
It’s personal Yoga, see you online or directly. Yoga according to your needs. You also get a personal yoga program that you can use at home. Can be booked 1-3-6 visits. Read more:

You book your private pregnancy yoga class / coaching through this link:

Priset är: 995:-/timme

What is Mediyoga?
Mediyoga is a therapeutic form of yoga where we perform movements, breathing exercises, meditations and relaxation together with eye position (drishti), sound (mantra), hand positions (mudra) and root lock.
The course is suitable for you who wish to have more space to land in yourself and gain increased contact with yourself. The exercises are slow and empathetic, with no demands or performance. Can be performed on the floor or sitting on a chair. Read more:
What is Yoga for Cancer?
This is a yoga course for you who are undergoing or have undergone cancer and or its treatments. You may be undergoing treatment or have stopped your treatment. We work with flowing physical movements, breathing, mindfulness and loving kindness. The course mixes theoretical sections with guided videos and audio files. You have access to the course for a whole year. Read more:
Is it possible to book acupuncture by you?
It’s going great! We are located in Eskilstuna at:
Gränsgatan 22D,
633 42 Eskilstuna.
Booking is made via this link:
How do I log in to my course?
After purchase, you will receive an email with login information and password, which you can then go in and change on your own. You will also receive a separate email with confirmation and receipt. Some e-mail services sort these e-mails, so check the spam.
What Payment Options Are There?
You can choose to pay with Swish, card or invoice.